$978.00?…$978.00? My nigga for $978.00 this jacket better be lined with some kind of herb that keeps spirits out my house like this jacket better have the fucking answers to all my goddamn finals in the sleeves of this jacket I better get a full ride to college room and board included my nigga this camouflage better hide me from a bear in the forest this shit better be the cloak of invisibility like shit nigga I better be able to jump to the top of the flag pole in super mario bros. for $978 my nigga  the material of this jacket better be the same material jesus’ shoe was made out of for $978 this fucking jacket better grant me a muhfuckin wish like I collected all seven of the dragon balls my nigga I better be getting free fucking wifi anywhere I’m at for some damn $978 nigga fuck you mean I’mma pay that much for a jacket I could buy at bass pro shop for fifteen dollars you out your got damn mind.